Carter Cowboys

When a cocky high school football star leads his team to the state championship, he and his thrill seeking teammate embark on a local robbery spree until they are sent to prison and lose their football scholarships.

It’s All Elementary

It’s All Elementary is an original stop motion animation series that focuses a cynical but well intentioned 11 year old celebrity author Jeffrey “Goodie” Goode and his brave attempt to save the youths of today from mindless superficiality and the school administrators who love it.

Highly Favor

Highly Favoredis a quirky comedy series that follows the adventures of PASTOR RAYMOND WEEKS, a religious outcast with the gift and the curse of seeing Biblical characters. After his father’s sudden death, Pastor Ray becomes the minister of The Good Ole Church of Brooklyn following a worldly seven-year hiatus from ministry. As the new pastor, he must now battle the old-fashion leadership, limited church resources, and his own neurosis to grow the church in a city dominated by mega-churches with mega bucks.

The Hippest Wizard of Oz

When a rebellious aspiring rapper becomes fed up with working in her uncle’s drab vintage hip hop record store, she gets swept into a vicious hurricane and finds herself lost in the land of Oz. There she, along with a scarecrow with bad lyrics, a tin man with overproduced beats, and a fake gangster lion, journey to see the Mogul of Oz to grant their individual desires. But before he grants their wishes, the mogul demands that Dorothy defeat the Wicked Witch of the West Side in a rap battle.